Endodontic Patient Instructions Dallas TX

What You Need To Know

The pactice of Dallas Uptown Endodontics knows you have questions regarding your endodontic procedure. Please read the information provided here for what you will need to know before and after your treatment. If you have any questions, please call our office at 214-826-2364.

  • Before Endodontic Treatment:
    Please be sure to read this page of information before you arrive for your endodontic appointment. Your anesthesia options and accompanying instructions are provided here.
  • General Instructions:
    Review this page for what you should expect after your endodontic treatment, including information regarding pain management and instructions for calling after hours.
  • After Treatment:
    Once your endodontic procedure has finished, you will need permanent restorative work and understand how to protect your post-operative teeth. Your endodontist has provided information here for next steps and self care.